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If you are looking for professional property management, you can rest easy knowing that with our Clarksville area management services, you get much more than a property manager. You get a full team of skilled professionals with the expertise to provide you with the highest quality residential property management. If you are a current client, we offer convenient tools to access statements and more, all online!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Reports are on-demand as well as sent out monthly. We can customize them to your needs and wants. Just let us know what you would like to see to better help preserve your asset and maximize your income.
Immediately! We will help analyze your investment, make recommendations, and move as quickly as you would like. We can also help you plan for the future.
Due to PMI's national presence and experience, we can manage all types of properties from small to large commercial to community associations. Because we are your local expert, we treat your property as if it were our own.
This is always the bottom line whether you are an investor or an owner in need of temporary management services while away from home. Our fee structure is competitive and priced for us to provide the best services possible. The main components and up-front costs to owners/investors are:
  • Management Fee not to exceed 10% of monthly gross rent; negotiable based on number and size of units/buildings to be managed
  • One Time Leasing/Marketing Fee of 30% of 1 month gross rent
  • Lease Renewal Fee of 10% of 1 month gross rent
  • Initial Portfolio Set Up Fee $100
  • Minimum monthly maintenance account of $275
We provide a variety of individual services and additional program fees based on each client’s individual needs. For an in-depth look at all of our service offerings, contact us and schedule an appointment with one of our property managers for a free rental analysis and in-depth review of your property and potential revenue earnings.
The next most important factor after your costs, is how you get your funds. This is where PMI Clarksville likes to leverage updated e-payment and express payment processes to provide your monthly income as quickly as possible. Using ACH processing, as long as monthly payments are made by the 5th of each month, owner draws will be processed and deposited no later than the 15th of any given month. Keep in mind that delays in tenant rent payment will also delay our ability to process normal monthly owner draws. We also offer an express payment service that provides priority payment processing before the 15th of the month (contingent on timely tenant payment by the 5th of the month).
We use our modern and streamlined website for listing the available property in conjunction with listings in the local MLS, Zillow, Trulia and dozens of other digital platforms for property related searches. When effectively marketing your property, we use a combination of agent and auto-access showings for interested tenant prospects to generate quality leads and applications. Our applicants go through an extensive background, credit and rental history check when applicable, allowing us to make informed decisions on approving tenants for occupancy.
When you pay us a management fee to take care of your investment, we implement an effective work order placement, dispatch and vendor completion process as part of our service offering. Any tenant reported issues are created through our support portal and worked by our internal maintenance coordinator. They will work with our list of PMI Clarksville approved vendors, or your vendor of choice, to visit the property, assess the reported issue and provide an estimate to repair.

If the cost of repair is within your maintenance budget, we automatically approve the order for completion to save from additional service or site visit fees. If the repairs are above your budget, we will contact you to discuss the work to be done and get approval to proceed. Either way, you get notification of the placement and completion of the orders and any costs associated with them as part of the work order process.
Our goal at PMI Clarksville is to screen, qualify and place quality tenants in your property, retain those good standing tenants and displace any tenants of bad faith. PMI Clarksville averages around 85% renewal rates on placed tenants after the first year of residence. For homes tenants do choose to vacate, we usually find a qualified replacement tenant to occupy the premises within a few weeks of the previous tenant vacancy.

Once a tenant indicates intent to vacate, we secure a move out date and inspection to document the condition of the home. Damages above wear and tear are reconciled against the move-in condition of the home for necessary charges against security deposits to bring the home back to market condition. At times, owners should expect capital investment to re-position the property as “turn-key” such as interior/exterior painting, flooring/tiling updates, exterior pressure washing, deck staining/finishing, professional landscaping and cleaning, etc. Owners should prepare for reasonable expenses of refreshing the premises from time to time.

At times, there are unfortunate situations where non-payment or breach of a lease require an eviction process. Our team adheres to legally required notices and operates within the constraints of Tennessee statute to lawfully process and post eviction notices if no payment has been received by the 15th of each month. High costs often coincide with eviction attorney fees, court appearances and property cleanup and restoration needs. All owners/investors need to be prepared for this potential disruption to income flow and consult with PMI Clarksville about some of our programs available to help mitigate these costs.
This is where we ask you to let us do our jobs as the professionals you’re looking to hire. There are some critical aspects of property management that you as an owner/investor must be involved and engaged in for us to have a successful partnership. However, if you are a micromanager by nature, we probably aren’t the best fit for your property management needs. We value open and responsive communication from our property owners and strive to provide the same from all levels of our staff operations. Our efficient processes, systems and procedures work best with minimal manual intervention when coordinating resolutions.