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COVID-19 Owner Updates 03/23/2020

PMI Clarksville - Tuesday, March 24, 2020
Property Management Blog

What we know

As we all know, the days and weeks ahead are rapidly changing and there is a lot of information being distributed through multiple channels to a lot of different people. As part of our business, we interact with owners from all across the country where the current viral event is causing various levels of concern. This is why PMI will continue urging owners to utilize our portal for communications and updates or developments related to the COVID-19 national and local containment efforts.

As of this message, PMI Clarksville continues our operations in a virtual capacity and are following CDC guidelines on social distancing for both our staff and vendor partners assigned to work orders and property maintenance. Out of an abundance of caution and in line with Federal guidance, our vendors will be limiting their property visits to emergency related calls

We know a lot of you have questions about potential scenarios and what can be done, or what will be done; here is what we are prepared to do for our owners/tenants.

1) PMI Clarksville will be taking advantage of any federal, state and local financial programs to small business owners for continuing operations in lieu of revenue impacts

2) We will try to spread as much verifiable information on available relief programs for other business owners and tenants as part of our ongoing messaging

3) Monthly owner draws will continue to be distributed based on PAID MONTHLY RENT. PMI Clarksville does not collect management fees unless tenants pay rent. 

Tenant Reminders

Owners should rest assured that we have communicated some critical reminders to all of our tenants as follows:

Rent payments are still due on the 1st of the month at this time and according late fees still applied until any confirmed federal or state guidelines mandating otherwise.

Garbage Removal Reminder (multi-family tenants especially). We’re asking tenants to do their part keeping properties clean and avoiding overflowing bins, etc.

Reminding tenants not use flushable wipes in toilets (especially considering shortages in some areas)

Work orders limited to emergency situations

Our owners should be assured we’re communicating with tenants on a regular basis and may be reaching out to you directly to discuss case-by-case impacts in the near future.